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Fishing in Yuma County

Spiney Cactus

Fishing is a favorite activity for many Yuma Arizona residents and visitors. The Colorado River and the lakes fed by the river are where most of the fish are being caught. There are also several ponds as well as the many irrigation canals where anglers can ply the waters.

Anglers that are 10 years old or older will require a fishing licence. If you plan to fish the Colorado River waters from any sort of boat or float, or you fish from the California banks of the river, you will also need a Colorado River Stamp. Contact Arizona Game and Fish for more information.


Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

Cibola Lake Road
Cibola, AZ 85328
(928) 857-3252

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Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Website

While access is limited to certain areas, the visitor center, 3-mile auto tour loop, and the 1-mile nature trail are among the areas that can be visited. Visitors accessing the shores of the refuge via boat will find miles of back channels that are ideal for fishing and birdwatching.


Ferguson Lake

Ferguson Road
Colorado River, CA

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Ferguson Lake is most often visited by boat. The lake's entrance is upstream of Martinez Lake at mile 57.5 of the Colorado River. There is a 12 mile long dirt road that allows vehicle access as well. It should be noted that the upper reaches of the lake are closed to public access.


Lower Colorado River

Yuma, AZ

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Lower Colorado River Yuma AZ

The Lower Colorado River abounds with scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. Too large an area to be discussed in just a paragraph or two, the YumAZone has dedicated an entire section to the Lower Colorado River.
Lower Colorado River Below Imperial Dam
Lower Colorado River Above Imperial Dam


Martinez Lake

Martinez Lake, AZ 85365

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Martinez Lake Martinez Lake AZ

Martinez Lake is a resort area located near the original townsite of Castle Dome Landing. There are two established resorts that offer marinas, cafes, campgrounds, and other amenities. Many houses are found on the shores of Fishers Lagoon and Martinez Lake. The Marine Corp maintains a recreational area there as well. The Imperial Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center is found nearby.

Anglers will find many opportunities for fishing at Martinez Lake. There are many Bass fishing tournaments held in the area each year. The lakes and backwaters offer the chance to get away from the crowds and drop a line in the water. The many private docks are perfect for kids to fish.
Fishers Landing Resort
Martinez Lake Resort


West Wetlands Regional Park

350 N 12th Ave
Yuma, AZ
(928) 373-5243

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West Wetlands Regional Park Yuma AZ

The Yuma West Wetlands is area of restored wetlands as well as an active recreation area. The Stewart Vincent Wolfe Memorial Playground is part of the recreation area as is a boat launch and boat trailer parking area.

A statue memorializing the 1st Iowa Volunteers also known as the Mormon Battalion is found on the walking trails. The APS Solar Garden is also a feature of the West Wetlands Park.

The West Wetlands Pond and the surrounding lawn area are also available for recreational use. The pond is 15 ft deep at the center and is regularly stocked with a variety of game fish. A fishing license is required and there are special daily limits for the pond.

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