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West Wetlands Regional Park

August 12, 2020 wektech 0

350 N 12th Ave Yuma, AZ (928) 373-5243 The Yuma West Wetlands is area of restored wetlands as well as an active recreation area. The Stewart Vincent Wolfe Memorial Playground is part of the recreation area as is a boat launch and boat trailer parking area. A statue memorializing the [Read More]

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area

August 1, 2020 wektech 0

The Imperial Sand Dunes, also known as the Algodones Dunes, are the largest sand dunes in California. 40 miles long and averaging 5 miles wide, the dunes are popular with many off road enthusiasts. With heights of over 300 feet from the desert floor the dunes are an impressive site [Read More]

Colorado River State Historic Park

August 1, 2020 wektech 0

Formerly known as the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park and the Yuma Crossing State Historic Park, the Colorado River State Historic Park houses the buildings and grounds that made up the the U.S. Army Quartermasters Depot at the Yuma Crossing.

Lower Colorado River

August 1, 2020 wektech 0

Imperial Dam to Palo Verde Dam Arizona’s Lower Colorado River scenic beauty and recreational opportunities are immense. On the previous page we explored the waters between the Morales Dam and the Imperial Dam. We continue our virtual journey north from the Imperial Dam. Imperial Dam Area The Imperial Dam at mile [Read More]