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Temple Bautista 2260 S. Madison Ave.

Temple Betel
Asamblea De Dios
1950 S. Madison Ave.

Christian Center
4309 W. 16th St.

Trinity United
Methodist Church
3030 S. 8th Ave.

Truth Baptist Church 3326 S. Fortuna Ave.

Twentyfourth St
Church of Christ
2301 S. Madison Ave.

Union Baptist Church 358 S. 8th Ave.

Universalist Fellowship
645 S. 2nd Ave.

Pentecostal Church
S. Somerton Ave

Valley Baptist Church 3830 W. 8th St.

Valley Church of Christ 2255 E. Burr St.

Valley West
Christian Church
4100 W. 20th St.
(Cibola High School)

Community Church
11386 S. Ave. Nine E.

Word of Life 770 W. 7th St.

Yoga Sangam
Arizona Babaji
5750 W. 8th St.

Yuma Community Church
(928) 726-3007
2350 S. Ave. 7 1/2 E
(Desert Mesa Elementary School)

Foursquare Church
1104 S. 7th Ave.

Yuma Korean
American Presbyterian
3710 S. Ave. B

Yuma Missionary
Baptist Church
(928) 726-6085
2295 S. Maple Ave.


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